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Why use Airfil background

Save up to 50% on packaging materials

Reduce storage space by up to 90%

Clean, dust free, recyclable

High strength allows reduction in outer packaging thickness

Simple to operate - no training required

High quality & low maintenance

Range of film type and sizes

Biodegradable film option

Custom printed pillows option

WorldPay Payments Processing

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Product Information

Air pillows are the natural choice for protecting your product during shipping - they are more economical, more environmentally friendly and more efficient when compared with alternatives.

Here are a few reasons why...

  • Easy to produce, easy to pack around your product.

  • Air pillows will increase your packing line speeds.

  • Air pillows have great impact-resistance qualities

  • Air pillows are "on-demand packaging". You make them when you need them - cutting down on storage space.

  • They are clean and green - there is no waste product generated whilst they are being made.

  • Our air pillows are made from 100% recyclable polythene.

  • Once used they can be reduced to 1% of their packed size making air pillows the greenest packaging on the market.

  • Compared to other protective packaging alternatives air pillows are up to 75% more cost efficient.

  • Airfil pillows are produced in a continuous line and are perforated after very pillow for easy tear-off.

  • We make and stock a range of air pillow machines suitable for a multitude of applications. Our range of machines caters for small, medium and large users. We will help you to choose the right machine for your operation.

  • All our machines are available to purchase outright, hire purchase, or monthly rental. We pride ourselves in being flexible in order to help you choose the financial package that suits you.