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Why use Airfil background

Save up to 50% on packaging materials

Reduce storage space by up to 90%

Clean, dust free, recyclable

High strength allows reduction in outer packaging thickness

Simple to operate - no training required

High quality & low maintenance

Range of film type and sizes

Biodegradable film option

Custom printed pillows option

WorldPay Payments Processing

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Air Cushion Information

We stock-hold an extensive range of air pillow poly-reels in various sizes. The film blend we use has been specifically formulated for optimum packing line performance. The blend is a mix of medium density and low density polythene and offers great puncture resistance and impact strength.

Pre-Formed Pillows

Perforations after every pillow make our product easy to use and ensure high speed efficient packing. Our pre-formed pillows are made in a range of sizes as follows:-

200mm wide x 100mm long

A small rectangular pillow - great for packing lower volume areas or for protection wrapping. Ideal for when space is tight.

200mm wide x 150mm long

Since its introduction this pillow size has proved to be most versatile for both void fill and protective packaging applications.

200mm long x 200mm long

This square pillow is our most popular size. Great for filling large void areas speedily and effectively.